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Rock and Indie Festival (RIF) 2019

RIF is an annual music festival held at LASALLE College of the Arts. Started in 2017, it is a platform for local musicians to showcase their talents on a professional stage and expand their audience reach. RIF features LASALLE students and alumni as well as well-known acts. Beyond being just a music festival, RIF is a celebration of music bringing musicians and music enthusiasts together and making it a must-go on the annual festival calendar.

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Charlie Lim Concert

Three years after the release of his critically-acclaimed debut 'TIME/SPACE', Foundation-supported artiste, Charlie Lim, staged his first ever solo concert at Star Vista on 7 December 2018, Friday, at The Star Theatre. In a breakthrough feat for the local artiste, Charlie commandeered an almost...

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A Symphony for Singapore by The Peak

At its second annual fundraiser, the Foundation for the Arts and Social Enterprise unveils a slew of ambitious projects. Up to now, music celebrating Singapore is generally known to be National Day anthems, but Michael Tay, the founder of arts charity Foundation for the Arts and Social Enterprise, has grander plans for the aural homage to the city-state’s achievements.

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The Anti-Gala Foundation Party 2018

We brought back The Foundation Party on 7 October 2018 – a party like no other; confounding the traditional model of the charity gala, which sadly leads to more investments in opulence than the objects of charity. Combining the elegance of art nouveau with a sense of the monumental, we took over the gorgeous Atlas Bar for yet another memorable night.

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Singapore Magazine: A Stage for Singapore

Arts philanthropist Michael Tay, a former ambassador and a former director-general of ASEAN-Singapore, talks about the value of non-traditional diplomacy and how the real agents of change in regional and global processes are people and ideas.

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Kumari Nahappan

Kumari Nahappan is a prominent artist in the region of Southeast Asia; her practice encompasses inter-disciplinary genres, painting, sculpture and installations. She has forged a reputation for effectively reconciling the language of “international contemporary art” with her own vocabulary and developing a visual identity that is decisively shaped by her cultural roots and beliefs.

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The Anti-Gala Foundation Party 2017

The inaugural Anti-Gala was the first charity event of its kind in Singapore. Aiming to subvert the typical charity gala, which often leads to more investments in opulence than the objects of charity, the Anti-Gala is a party like no other. In its first edition, we raised more than $100,000 through tickets, donations and a silent auction.

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Foundation Sessions – Fridays@Gilstead

Foundation Sessions - Fridays@Gilstead are curated networking sessions combined with soirees. Each session involves 10-15 individuals with means and bearing to support our local talent. Launched in August 2016, the Foundation Sessions is a new kind of space where business and the arts converge...

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