Incubated by The Foundation for The Arts And Social Enterprise

A Symphony Inspired by Singapore.

UTOPIA Symphony

UTOPIA Symphony is inspired by our island republic. By purchasing and sharing the music with family, friends, and colleagues, you’ll help put Singapore on the global classical music map.

And we’re offering PAssion Card Members an exclusive price of only $20 (RPP $25) to own this special CD gift. Limited quantites and complimentary shipping while stock lasts for PAssion Card Members.

Get one, two or even more to listen to or to give as a collectible gift. Recorded by the world-renowned London Philharmonic Orchestra at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, you will help the symphony become an universal work for the annals of music history. The Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise is an IPC charitable organization.

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Other Ways To Get Involved.


Listen + Share

By listening to the UTOPIA Symphony and sharing the music with your family, friends and colleagues, you’ll help put Singapore on the global classical music map by moving the first work inspired by this country to the top of the classical music charts. We’re already well on our way with more than 12,000 streams.


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Connect with the Community

The Foundation’s socialspace is where the magic will happen. So like and follow to discover the latest information about One Million Towards UTOPIA, the Symphony and new artists who have joined our movement.

“The timing of the One Million Towards UTOPIA launch is serendipitous as COVID-19 has deprived many of us of jobs, travel and social interactions. It has forced us to redefine the meaning of life achievements. It is meant to give us hope for a better future.”


Michael Tay

Founder of the Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise



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