Iconic Initiative

The Arts of Commissioning

One of The Foundation’s key thrusts is the export of Singapore arts which depends greatly on the creation of original works by Singapore artists. To grow the canon of original Singapore art, The Foundation will launch The Arts of Commissioning with The Music Commissioning Series – a 10-year project that aims to champion and commission high-quality musical works by Singapore composers.

While these major works will represent more established genres like classical and jazz, our objective is to appeal to a wider audience and to focus on universal themes that reflect the undercurrents of Singapore society.

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 Each commission will culminate in a concert of the work within 18 months of the start of the commissioning. As part of our inclusive agenda to engage the Singapore music world, we will commission different orchestras to perform the concerts, thus engaging the whole ecosystem, from creation to production. The project will be steered by an Advisory Council comprising deeply informed stakeholders from cultural, social and business domains. The Foundation will be supported by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra secretariat.