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Singaporean Music Conductor Who Became a Delivery Rider Due To Covid-19 Gets Advisory Role in Arts Charity

June 6, 2021 | Highlights, In The News

Singaporean conductor Chiya Amos, who became a Foodpanda delivery rider last year when his conducting stints around Europe and Russia dried up, has been appointed as creative advisor for Foundation for the Arts and Social Enterprise, a local arts charity.

In his new role, Mr Amos, 31, will help extend the reach of a symphony inspired by Singapore by promoting it internationally, said the foundation in a statement on Friday (June 4).

The symphony, titled the Utopia Symphony, is by Russian composer Vladimir Martynov.

Mr Michael Tay, the foundation’s founder and a former Singapore ambassador to Russia, said: “Even as the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all our daily lives and impacted artists like Chiya, there is a silver lining as it has also uncovered talents we didn’t know about and brought them home.

“In these hard times, the foundation wants to do its part to support our Singapore artistes with their financial situation as well as to reconfigure their mission for the new global landscape,” he added.

[Excerpt from Today, June 6, 2021]


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Michael Tay’s early interest in philosophy has profoundly shaped the way he thinks about issues and trends – simultaneously teaching him how to seek underlying motivations and causes in the area of problem-solving. This, together with his passion for the arts and its place in society, led to the genesis of Foundation for the Arts and Social Enterprise, which aims to pin Singapore’s art scene onto the world map.